Hi! I'm just getting started in writing, and I'm posting some of my experiments and other short stories here. Offline, I'm working on building my "rejection slip collection" with other stories.

Please enjoy the short stories and writing experiments I've posted here. I always enjoy constructive criticism.

I'm very interested in improving my abilities as an author, and I like to experiment with different genres and story ideas when I write. A lot of what I'll be posting here will be somewhat unfinished, I figure I'd rather post and learn what I can than have something never get written because I fret too much about how it will turn out.

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06 September 2014

Panda and Castle Sketch

      Panda and Castle Sketch
      A Brief Sketch by Amaryllis Graybill
      Created in May, 2010
      Characters: Big Panda
      Little Panda
      Chubby Panda
      Buff Panda
      Panda w/ Hat
      Scene: Several pandas are collected together, wandering 
      around in a bedroom. The furniture in the room is all 
      much larger than the pandas, even Big Panda. The pandas 
      seem bored. Suddenly, Little Panda notices something.
      Little Panda: Squeak!
      All the other pandas look around. Little Panda is 
      indicating a box overflowing with candy. The other 
      Pandas start getting excited. They all start bouncing 
      over to the box.
      Ninja: Hey!
      A set of hands come out from above.
      Ninja: That's my candy!
      Large feet appear as the hands from above scoop the 
      box of candy away.
      Ninja: If you want any candy, you'll have to buy some 
      from me. This candy is for my school fundraiser. Any 
      of you have a dollar for a candy bar?
      The pandas look put upon. Chubby Panda fiddles with paws.
      Ninja: No? OK. You won't get any, then, I'm afraid.
      The large feet disappear off the screen. Chubby Panda 
      mocks ninja. He waves his paws and acts huffy. Stomps 
      around in a circle, brandishing an imaginary box. 
      Panda with Hat pokes Chubby Panda, then shakes his 
      finger. All pandas' heads droop.
      Buff Panda: Chuff, chuff, chuff.
      Rubs at eyes with paw. Little panda walks over and 
      pats Buff Panda on shoulder.
      Little Panda: Chitter, chitter, squeak.
      Buff Panda nods head. Tissue descends from above. Big 
      Panda wiggles tissue. Buff Panda sniffs at tissue, 
      then nibbles at a corner.
      Little Panda: Squeak?! Chitterchitterchitterchitter-
      Buff Panda: Squeak?
      Buff Panda continues to nibble at tissue. Other pandas 
      begin to sniffle. Little Panda's ears wiggle. Little 
      Panda scrambles up to Big Panda's ear.
      Little Panda: Squeak squeak squeak...
      Big Panda: Squeak.
      Big Panda wanders out of camera view. Loud metal scraping 
      noises eminate from out of view. Eventually, a metal desk 
      is pushed on to the scene, followed by Big Panda. Little 
      Panda scrambles on to the desk.
      Little Panda: Squeak!
      Other pandas turn to look. Little Panda brandishes a laser 
      pointer that seems to have come out of no where. Little 
      Panda places paws and pointer behind his back and begins 
      to pace back and forth across the desk. Intro theme from 
      'The Great Escape' movie starts playing.
      Little Panda: Squeak. Squeak, squeak squeak squeak. 
      Little Panda whips out pointer on emphasised words. Little 
      Panda stands silent for a moment, watching all the eyes of  
      the other pandas wtching the pointer. Little Panda whips 
      pointer behind back again. All pandas' eyes follow the 
      pointer behind Little Panda's back. The pandas continue 
      to stare at the area of chest that the pointer is behind.
      Little Panda: Hrm-hrm.
      All the pandas look up. Little Panda pulls out a sheet 
      of paper and begins to write on it furiously. Big Panda 
      leans over slightly to see what Little Panda is writing. 
      Little Panda leans back and lifts up the sheet of paper.
      Buff Panda: Ooohh......
      Panda with Hat: Aahhh...
      Chubby Panda: Tookee too kee.
      Big Panda looms over Chubby Panda.
      Chubby Panda: Hrm-hrm. Oo-oh....
      The sheet of paper that Little Panda is holding up 
      depicts a crudely drawn stickman-ninja, a rectangle 
      of paper with a dollar sign scratched into it, and a 
      box with 'Kaaandi' written on to it.
      Little Panda: Squeak!
      All Pandas: Squeak!
      Camera cuts to pandas standing around the base of a 
      lawn mower. A large pair of feet appear.
      Ninja: I think you're a little small for that.
      Buff Panda: Hrrrrm! Hrrrrm!!
      Ninja: Um, I don't think even you can move that.
      Chubby Panda: Whrwhrwhrwhr WH-yR.
      Chubby Panda mocks ninja with waving hands. Panda 
      with Hat elbows Chubby Panda.
      Panda with Hat: Yerp.
      Chubby Panda: Mmmm...
      Big Panda leans over and starts nibbling at the grass.
      Ninja: Haaaa... I don't think you can mow the grass by 
      eating it all. That's a lot of grass.
      Pandas gather into a little circle and start chittering 
      to each other.
      Little Panda: Squeak!
      Little Panda points out of view. Pandas follow finger. 
      They all start getting excited. All the pandas race off 
      screen, then come back on carrying a watering can.
      Little Panda: Squeak!
      Little Panda looks up at Ninja. A crack of thunder is 
      heard. It starts raining. Little Panda looks down. Other 
      pandas hang head. They all shuffle off screen after the 
      Ninja, leaving the watering can in view. Camera cuts to 
      next view.
      All the pandas are collected together at the base of a 
      stairwell. They are milling around looking bored and 
      Little Panda: Squeak!
      Little Panda points up the stairwell. All the pandas 
      look at Little Panda, then follow his paw to where 
      it is pointing.
      Chubby Panda: Squeak!
      Panda w/ Hat: Squeak!
      Buff Panda: Squeak!
      Big Panda: Squeak!
      Camera pans up the stairwell to the top to pause infront 
      of a castle. The castle is sparkling and shimmering with 
      a backdrop of clouds behind it.
      Camera blinks back down to the pandas. The pandas shiver 
      Big Panda: Squeak?
      Other Pandas: Squeak.
      Camera fades to black. Hazy scene appears where all the 
      pandas are rolling around in gold and jewels.Camera 
      cross-fades back to pandas. Little panda pops up on 
      the head of Big Panda.
      Little Panda: SQUEAK!
      All the pandas's ears twitch slightly, they shuffle 
      around and look at each other. Little Panda scoots 
      over to Big Panda's ear.
      Little Panda: Squeak squeak squeak...
      Big Panda nods head.
      Big Panda: SQUARJ.
      Pandas stand to attention, then charge up the stairwell. 
      Little Panda continues to ride on back of Big Panda as 
      Big Panda chases other pandas up the stairs. Pandas reach 
      top of stairs and stop. Camera pans over panda faces, 
      then blinks to castle. Blinks back to pandas.
      Chubby Panda: Squeak?
      Buff Panda: Squeak.
      Panda w/ Hat: Squeak?
      Buff Panda shrugs. Camera blinks to castle, then zooms out. 
      Castle is as big as Little Panda and the castle is infront 
      of a cloud patterned pillow. Big Panda shuffles behind a 
      cloud patterned pillow. Buff Panda shuffles to one edge of 
      the pillow. Little panda stands infront of castle. Panda w/ 
      Hat pokes around from side of pillow. Chubby Panda pops up 
      on top of pillow.
      Chubby Panda: Squah-squeak!
      Chubby Panda stands on hind legs and wiggles precariously 
      on pillow.
      Little Panda: Squeak! Chitterchitterchitterchitterchitter-
      Little Panda shakes fist at Chubby Panda. Big Panda lifts 
      Chubby Panda off of pillow, then shakes paw at Chubby Panda. 
      Pillow falls forward on Little Panda.
      Little Panda: Squark!
      Buff panda lifts corner of pillow.
      Little Panda: Squeak!
      Pandas all start giggling. After a few seconds they stop. 
      Little Panda crawls out from underneath pillow. Buff Panda 
      tugs on egde of pillow, slightly pulling off the pillow case. 
      Big Panda sets Chubby Panda on top of pillow. Buff Panda pulls 
      on edge of pillowcase, pulling it off, and setting Chubby 
      Panda off balance.
      Chubby Panda: Squark!
      Chubby Panda regains balance.
      Chubby Panda: Chitterchitterchitterchitterchitter-
      Buff Panda pulls on pillowcase again, setting Chubby Panda 
      off balance again. Chuby Panda teeters, then falls off the 
      Little Panda: Cheep!
      All pandas look at Little Panda.
      Little Panda: Squeak squeak squeak squeak.
      Buff Pandatugs off pillowcase the rest of the way. 
      Chubby Panda sits up and scrambles out of view. Big Panda 
      picks up two corners of the pillowcase.
      Panda with Hat: Squeeee-squeak squeakkoo! Squeeee-squeak 
      squeakkoo! Squeeee-squeak squeakkoo!
      Chubby Panda enters back in view with blue sign. The sign 
      has a drawing of a car with little animals inside of it. 
      Above the drawing is written: Rides! 5¢ Soon, various animals 
      start appearing. They walk up to Little Panda, give him a 
      nickel,or in the case of the seals, a handful of pennies, 
      and then proceed to be tugged  around by Big Panda.
      Animals: Whee!
      Soon, it appears to have been a long day. No more animals 
      are showing up for a ride, and Big Panda is panting heavily.
      Little Panda: Squeak!
      Little panda walks around and pats all of the pandas 
      on the back.
      Squeak, he says to each of them. A large pair of shoes 
      walk into the frame.
      Ninja: Wow, you guys look tired. What have you been 
      up to?
      Little Panda: Squeak sque-
      Chubby Panda: SQUEAK squea-
      Buff Panda: chitterchitterchitterchitter
      Big Panda: SQUARK.
      There is a deep silence for a few seconds.
      Ninja: I see. Well, um, how would you guys like a 
      candy bar?
      All the pandas' eyes brighten up. They all dive for 
      the pile of coins, then push it over to Ninja.
      Ninja: Oh, hey! You managed to earn some money after all. 
      I was just going to give you candy bars, but this is 
      great! I really appreciate this.
      Two large hands reach down and scoop the cooins from 
      the midst of the triumphantly posing pandas. The hands 
      disappear off screen for a moment, then reappear with 
      several candy bars. Each panda bounces up and chooses 
      a candy bar from Ninja's hand. The pandas look around 
      at Chubby Panda as he starts noisily eating his candy 
      Little Panda: Squeak.
      Chubby Panda: Squeak? Chuff, chuff, ch-
      Big Panda: SQUEAK.
      Chubby Panda walks up to Ninja's feet.
      Chubby Panda: Squeak.
      Chubby Panda looks apologetic. A large hand reaches 
      down and pat Chubby Panda on the head.
      Ninja: It's OK. I never took offense at you mocking.
      Chubby Panda perks up, then toddles back over to the 
      unfinished candy bar. Soon, all the pandas are happily 
      munching away and chittering at each other.
      Roll Credits
      Break Credits
      Several fat pandas are lying on the ground. None of 
      them are moving, and occasionally, a moan can be 
      heard from them.
      Continue Credits
      The End

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