Hi! I'm just getting started in writing, and I'm posting some of my experiments and other short stories here. Offline, I'm working on building my "rejection slip collection" with other stories.

Please enjoy the short stories and writing experiments I've posted here. I always enjoy constructive criticism.

I'm very interested in improving my abilities as an author, and I like to experiment with different genres and story ideas when I write. A lot of what I'll be posting here will be somewhat unfinished, I figure I'd rather post and learn what I can than have something never get written because I fret too much about how it will turn out.

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27 June 2016

A Girl From Hell, Chapter 3

Nothing new! See the first chapter for the disclaimer.


The girl stomped around Jack’s lair, glaring at the ground. Jack sat on a stool, welding together the pieces of his robots that remained. The girl stopped in front of a damaged robot head.
“Can I kick this?” She asked.
“Sure. Whatever.” Jack waved his hand absently at her. The girl drew her foot back and kicked the head against the wall, which it bounced off of, then landed on the couch. Jack flipped his welding mask up to look at the head. It had a large dent in it.
“That was steel,” he said.
“And my foot kind of hurts,” the girl said. She plunked down right where she was standing, folded her legs, and rested her chin of her fist. “I totally had them.”
“Yeah, well, that’s not what I saw. Face it.” Jack looked down at her.
“Fine. I was losing,” she said. She picked idly at the new rip in her pants that framed a large, but shallow cut. Jack stood up from his stool, walked over to her, then sat down.
“So. What’s your name?” he asked.
“What does it matter?”
“You thought it mattered earlier.” The girl sighed, then picked a little more intensely at the tear in her pants.
“Haley. It’s a stupid, girly name. I know. So go ahead and get your laughs out.”
“I think it’s a cute name.” Haley looked up at Jack, who grinned. She stuck her tongue out at him.
“Well, I’m not cute.”
“Are you suuuuure?” Jack wiggled his eyebrows. She glared at him.
“I’m a demon, remember?” Jack stood up and stuck out his lower lip.
“Fine!” he said. “Don’t accept my compliment.” He walked back over to his stool, then started welding the robot, again. Haley looked up at boy’s back.
“Jack?” she said. He stopped welding and raised his head.
“Yeah?” he said without turning around.
“Thank you.” Jack waved a hand dismissively.
“No problem.”

20 June 2016

A Girl From Hell, Chapter 2

Hello, again! Nothing big to report. See the disclaimer in the first chapter.

Happy reading!


Omi hopped off of Dojo with the other Xiaolin Monks.
“Quickly, my friends. We must find this Wu before-” Omi started.
“Howdy ho, Xiaolin Loser!”
“Jack Spicer! Prepare for a humiliating defeat!” Omi said as he pointed up to Jack Spicer. Jack flew down, then landed in front of the monks, all of whom took on a fighting stance.
“What brings your sorry butt out here, Spicer?” Raimundo asked.
“Oh, just some shopping, chores, and-” Jack paused for effect, “World Domination!” He then proceeded to laugh maniacally. “Jack Bots, attack!” The robots whirred into action, flying at the Xiaolin Monks. The demon girl walked up next to Jack, arms folded, and watched the robots with mild interest.
“You built those?” she asked.
“I did. Evil, aren’t they?” Jack said, then he gave her a toothy grin. The girl looked past him.
“And fragile.”
“What?!” Jack whirled around to face the monks. A robot head dropped out of the sky, bounced a few times, then eventually rolled in front of Jack’s feet.
“Surrender now, or suffer a most severe butt kicking, Jack Spicer!” Omi shouted. Jack mimick him in a funny voice, wiggling his hands.
“Meh meh meh meh. Not a chance, Xiaolin Losers! Demon girl, attack!” She looked at him.
“I have a name, you know,” she said. Jack looked at her. “Fine. I’ll tell you later.” She walked forward to the monks, who braced themselves. “And now for my ultimate attack! BRAAAAGGHHHH!” She yelled. “Hey, wait. What’s that?” She pointed behind the monks. Omi looked back.
“You don’t honestly think we’d fall for-” Raimundo started.
“What? Where?” Omi asked. The girl kicked him out of the formation, making Kimiko drop on her head. Raimundo lunged forward, aiming for the girl’s face. She quickly stepped to the side, grabbed his elbow, and guided him into the dirt. Clay stomped on the ground.
“Seismic Kick! Earth!” he yelled. The girl stumbled, then jumped away from the rocks as the slammed around where she used to be.
“Holy sweet baby of marmalade!” she yelled. She spun around to face Jack. “THEY HAVE SUPER POWERS?!”
“Oooh, yeah… Kinda forgot to mention- Behind you!” Jack said. The girl dove off to the side as a blast of water and ice flew past her. Her eyes got wide as she watched the icles firmly implant themselves into the dirt. She stood up and glared at the monks as they slowly approached her. The girl sunk into a horse stance.
“If you can break physics, so can I!” She stomped on the ground, then spat off to the side. “Bring it!” Kimiko flipped towards her.
“Judolette Flip! Fire!” The girl dodged to the side.
“Typhoon Boom! Wind!” Raimundo yelled, slamming his hands together in front of himself. The girl was blown up and off her feet. She landed several yards away, then slid a few more. She kicked her legs up to flip herself off of the ground, then landed nimbly on her feet.
“Face, gingers. You’re out numbered. And out classed! Just surrender and we’ll let you leave with your skin in tact,” Raimundo said. The girl stood perfectly still, watching the monks with narrowed eyes. Jack took a step back.
“A-ah- Maybe we better leave, Demon,” he said. Seemingly unaware of what Jack said, the girl said to Raimundo:
“Did you just give me a challenge?”
“If the challenge is not to get your butt kicked, then, yeah! I did!” The two of them glared at each other. Then, the girl ran at him, completely silent. Raimundo ran at her, yelling at the top of his lungs. At the last minute, just before the two collided, the girl ducked down and punched her fist forward, holding it there as Raimundo’s stomach made contact. His eyes got big and he coughed. The girl stood up quickly, grabbing his wrist, then twisting his arm behind his back, police-style. Clay ran forward. He threw a kick at the girl, who jerked Raimundo up as a human shield. Clay froze.
“Oh, my- I’m sorry, partner,” he said. The girl threw a snap kick that landed on his jaw, sending him reeling back. Raimundo struggled, then ripped out of the girl’s grasp. Kimiko charged forward and did a flip kick at the girl’s mid-section. Her foot connected, making the girl ‘oof,’ then fly backwards and collide with Jack, sending the two red-heads rolling down the hill, teapot over kettle. The monks started laughing uproariously, pointing at the two as they untangled from each other.
The girl stood up the fastest, then blew steam out her nose as her face turn crimson, anger burning in her eyes. She took a step forward, but was then pulled backwards as Jack wrapped his arms around her stomach, then flew up and away. She wiggled for a minute, glaring down at the monks who slowly shrunk to the size of ants, still laughing as if their posteriors would pop off.
“Let me go! I can handle it!” she said, but she slowly stopped struggling.
“You sure gave them a run for their money. I’ll give you that much,” Jack said. “But that loser Raimundo is right. We’re out-classed.” The girl sighed, then twisted around to hold on to Jack’s shoulders.
“That was stupid,” she said.

13 June 2016

A Girl From Hell, Chapter 1

Hello and welcome to my first fanfic in about 4 years! I just recently rewatched all of Xiaolin Showdown and so am a bit obsessed with it, right now. I’m working on a far larger and grander XS fic, but, for now, I’ll put this little one out. Hopefully, some of you will enjoy it. And I won’t beg for your reviews, but I will ask after them.

Now, on to legal nonsense. Disclaimer: I do not own Xiaolin Showdown or any of it’s characters. I do own my personal characters and whatever Shen Gong Wu I happen to make up.

Happy reading!


Jack cackled in front of his ingenious device. He stood before a large metal platform with a humming, blue orb dancing on top of it. The orb sparked and fluttered as arcs of electricity skittered across its surface. Jack paused dramatically from his cackling.
“Behold!” he said, taking a dramatic pose to present the orb to his audience of Jack Bots. “You see before you a portal into another dimension! And not just any dimension, but Hell itself!” He cackled evilly again. The Jack Bots dutifully applauded. “The Xiaolin Losers will never see this coming,” Jack said as he pulled a lever. The lighting in the room dimmed significantly while the orb glowed more intensely. The orb drifted upwards. At the bottom of it, a droplet began to form. Slowly, it dripped off and made a wet ‘splat’ sound as it flattened out.
“Rise, my new minion! Rise, my demon from Hell!” Jack said. The droplet slowly resolved itself into the face-down figure of a person. It pushed itself to its knees, then stood up. As the figure stood, the blue of the orb slid off, revealing a girl of about 14 years with hot-rod red hair. Jack and the Bots looked at her and blinked.
“Hey…” Jack said. “You’re not from Hell.” The girl looked at him.
“Wanna bet?” she said, then stomped over to him. “What’s the big idea of jerking me out of my daily life? I was in the middle of- of things!” She threw her arms up.
“I’m sorry that the journey may not have been very pleasant,” Jack said, “But I have an evil plan that requires a demon.” The red-headed demon eye-balled him, then grabbed him by his lapels.
“This had better be good,” she hissed. Jack gulped.
“Well, it involves World Domination!” The girl let him go.
“Fine.” Just then, Jack Spicer’s Shen Gong Wu tracker sounded off.
“On to stage one of the plan!” Jack said.

08 June 2016

00 Cheapskate - Tabby Kills People Script



Written by
Amaryllis Graybill





Tabby Kills People

Written by
Amaryllis Graybill




Tabby drums her fingers on the table, looking sympathetic, but happy.

Male victim looks as if he’s given up and has accepted what’s to come.


Now, don’t get me wrong, you seem like a really
nice guy, but I have my needs.

Man is tied down to a chair.

Needs that happen to involve my spleen. That
aliens will use for experiments.

Well, it sounds weird when you put it like

Male Victim
Look, I don’t know why you’re doing this-

For the aliens.

Male Victim
Right. The aliens. Tell you what, I’ll pay you
not to kill me.

Yeah? How much?

Male Victim
(looks panicked and suddenly flustered)
Uh, $1000?

Tabby stares blankly at Male Victim. She then hefts a sap and clubs Male Victim in the side of the head with it. Male Victim’s eye opposite to the blow flies out of his head, followed by several teeth and spit. Where the sap struck the side of his head, Male Victim now has blood coming out.

Male Victim’s lifeless body in the chair falls to the side with the impact, then begins bleeding everywhere. The remaining eye can be seen to be visible bulged out of his head and Male Victim’s tongue hangs out the side of his mouth.

We watch as a large pool of blood begins to form around Male Victim’s head.

Tabby sighs, stands up, and walks over to Male Victim’s corpse. She crouches down and flicks out a knife, then cuts open Male Victim’s chest. Blood spurts and gurgles out of Male Victim’s chest. Tabby reaches inside of the incision, digs around inside for a bit, sticking her tongue out in concentration.

She makes a triumphant sound and pulls out what we assume to be a spleen. She pushes the spleen into a strange, alien looking container, which she then sticks into an apron pocket. She stands up, wipes her bloodied hands on her apron ineffectively, then walks off screen left.

Pain Panda and Tabby sit at a table, each sipping on some sort of fancy drink. Some generic club techno music can be heard.

I can’t believe he only offered you $1000!
I know, right?
(rolls eyes)

Pain Panda
Girl, in this economy, that won’t even buy you a
decent pair of shoes.
(flaps hand pompously)

(puts head on folded arms)
(lifts drink in a toast-like gesture)
Preachin’ to the choir, Pain Panda. Preachin’
to the choir...