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13 June 2016

A Girl From Hell, Chapter 1

Hello and welcome to my first fanfic in about 4 years! I just recently rewatched all of Xiaolin Showdown and so am a bit obsessed with it, right now. I’m working on a far larger and grander XS fic, but, for now, I’ll put this little one out. Hopefully, some of you will enjoy it. And I won’t beg for your reviews, but I will ask after them.

Now, on to legal nonsense. Disclaimer: I do not own Xiaolin Showdown or any of it’s characters. I do own my personal characters and whatever Shen Gong Wu I happen to make up.

Happy reading!


Jack cackled in front of his ingenious device. He stood before a large metal platform with a humming, blue orb dancing on top of it. The orb sparked and fluttered as arcs of electricity skittered across its surface. Jack paused dramatically from his cackling.
“Behold!” he said, taking a dramatic pose to present the orb to his audience of Jack Bots. “You see before you a portal into another dimension! And not just any dimension, but Hell itself!” He cackled evilly again. The Jack Bots dutifully applauded. “The Xiaolin Losers will never see this coming,” Jack said as he pulled a lever. The lighting in the room dimmed significantly while the orb glowed more intensely. The orb drifted upwards. At the bottom of it, a droplet began to form. Slowly, it dripped off and made a wet ‘splat’ sound as it flattened out.
“Rise, my new minion! Rise, my demon from Hell!” Jack said. The droplet slowly resolved itself into the face-down figure of a person. It pushed itself to its knees, then stood up. As the figure stood, the blue of the orb slid off, revealing a girl of about 14 years with hot-rod red hair. Jack and the Bots looked at her and blinked.
“Hey…” Jack said. “You’re not from Hell.” The girl looked at him.
“Wanna bet?” she said, then stomped over to him. “What’s the big idea of jerking me out of my daily life? I was in the middle of- of things!” She threw her arms up.
“I’m sorry that the journey may not have been very pleasant,” Jack said, “But I have an evil plan that requires a demon.” The red-headed demon eye-balled him, then grabbed him by his lapels.
“This had better be good,” she hissed. Jack gulped.
“Well, it involves World Domination!” The girl let him go.
“Fine.” Just then, Jack Spicer’s Shen Gong Wu tracker sounded off.
“On to stage one of the plan!” Jack said.

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