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I'm very interested in improving my abilities as an author, and I like to experiment with different genres and story ideas when I write. A lot of what I'll be posting here will be somewhat unfinished, I figure I'd rather post and learn what I can than have something never get written because I fret too much about how it will turn out.

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04 July 2016

A Girl From Hell, Chapter 4

Jack woke up the next morning to more sunlight than he really wanted.
“Go ‘way,” he said, waving an arm at the person that had just thrown his curtains open.
“Wake up!” a voice hissed in his ear. Jack squealed and jumped out from under the covers. “That’s better,” Haley said, looking Jack up and down in his PJs.
“You stayed? In my house?!” Jack asked. Haley shrugged.
“Where else was I supposed to go? Back to Hell? I don’t think so.” Jack relaxed out of his tense ‘don’t hurt me’ stance.
“Where did you sleep, by the way?” he asked. Haley pointed at the devon in the corner of his room. “But- but-”
“Relax. You don’t snore in your sleep,” Haley said. “Now hurry up and get dressed. We’re going to karate.” Jack dodged the pile of clothes the demon girl threw at him. “You’re going to have to defend yourself somehow. Heck, I have to defend myself somehow. I have no idea how to defend against freaking super heroes, though.” Haley stomped off into Jack’s bathroom. Jack picked up his clothing.
“Are you always this cheery in the morning?” he hollered at the now closed bathroom door.


Jack and Haley walked into a cool, white room. It was sparsely decorated, but what it was decorated with was either Yuan or Tang Dynasty Chinese art. A middle-aged Chinese man walked up to the two of them.
“Ah! Welcome to our dojo! What can I help you with? Would you like to sign up for a class?”
“Actually,” Haley said, “We were hoping to get some private tutoring?”
“I am so sorry, but we do not do private tutoring. You will have to sign up for one of our classes.” Haley’s eyes narrowed. Jack rolled his. He rustled around in his pocket, pulled out three hundred-dollar bills. The Chinese man before them watched the money intently.
“But,” the man continued, “I think we can make an exception in this case.” Jack handed the man the money. “Please, wait here while I get you your gi’s.” The man walked off, a slight bounce in his step. Jack looked at Haley and wiggled his eyebrows.
“That’s why I’m the genius and you’re the demon,” he said. Haley stuck her tongue out at him.
“Well, I’m gonna demon-whup your butt, Genius.” Jack started mocking her.
“Meh, neh, nyeh. I’m gonna whup ya.” He waved his hands in mock dismay. Then he turned square on to her. “Bring it, Sister. I got what it takes.” Haley realised that it was slightly intimidating to be looked down on by someone a few inches taller than you. She would never admit it, though. Not even in a truth or dare game. The Chinese man hurried back out, holding two gi’s.
“Ah,” he said. “A brother and sister squabble?” Haley shook her head.
“He’s just some guy that picked me up.” The Chinese man raised an eyebrow, but said nothing more.
Several minutes later, the sweet, kindly Chinese man had warped into an evil, harsh, and cruel karate master.
“No!” he barked. “Hold your hands like so! Yes! Now, bend your knees more. More! More than that! Does it hurt in your legs? GOOD!” Haley threw a glare at Jack, which he returned.
“Your freaking brilliant idea, Haley,” he hissed.
“No talking in the dojo!” the teacher smack Jack’s head. Haley snickered. “No laughing!” He also smacked Haley’s head. In about half an hour, their teacher had them facing each other, teaching them their first kata.
“This is a choreographed combat that will teach you the basics of the Uechi Ryu karate style! After you have memorized this one, we will work on the kata that will teach you the basics of Kung-fu! Then, after your lunch break, I will expect you to perform each kata flawlessly!” Haley and Jack glared daggers at each other.
That night, Haley lay draped along the back of the couch in Jack’s lair. Jack was sprawled face down on the couch cushions below her. He moaned into the cushions.
“My legs hurt,” he said.
“My everything hurts,” Haley said. She tugged on a tuft of Jack’s hair. “You didn’t think it would be easy, did you?” Jack moaned into the cushions as a response. Haley sighed dramatically.
“Only a few more months, then we can probably take the monks on.” Jack moaned again.

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